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Central Europe LEaders in Bioeconomy

Project status
EU Project

CELEBio was funded by BBI-JU through Horizon 2020 to enable the consolidation of bio-based businesses in six countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

To bridge the gap with EU countries leading the transition toward the circular bioeconomy, CELEBio surveyed and interpreted the bioeconomy value chains to project most prospective development pathways. This exercise included the elaboration of scenarios and action plans, which were developed with the dynamic contribution of local stakeholders and decision-makers.

The compound expertise of the CELEBio partnership facilitated the delivery of a unique set of studies that provide a complete yet concise and handy overview of the circular bioeconomy sector BG, CZ, HR, HU, SI, SK,and the broader region:   updated biomass assessments, the mapping of key players along bioeconomy value chains, the analysis of regulatory frameworks and gaps, as well as a description of actionable development trajectories were compiled in National Bioeconomy Dossiers.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent CELEBio from raising awareness and networking at national, transnational and EU levels, thus paving the way for further collaborations and joint initiatives.


Circular Bioeconomy
CEI role
Lead Partner / Coordinator
01/06/2019 - 30/11/2020
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