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In the framework of International Migrants Day 2021, CEI Deputy Secretary General Nina Kodelja virtually took part in an event on 17 December, organised by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The project aimed at promoting the integration between the European and the Balkan regional electricity market by strengthening the capacities of the national regulatory authorities of project beneficiary countries to manage the process of market coupling between their national electricity market primarily with the Italian electricity market in accordance with the EU best practices.
The video gives an overview of the health ecosystem in the region as well as the relevant regional policies. It is divided into an initial part presenting regional health policies, followed by a brief illustration of the intelligent specialisation strategy.
The event was held at a crucial moment for the region, in particular in jointly facing the consequences of the pandemic and the current and future challenges.
A special event dedicated to the endorsement of the WHO “Roadmap for Health and Well-being in the Western Balkans (2021-2025)” took place with the participation of the Prime Ministers or their representatives of the CEI Member States of the Western Balkans, the CEI Secretary General and the Regional Director of WHO Europe.

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