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CEI Brochure

The CEI brochure contains basic information regarding the CEI objectives, structures and funds and instruments.

CEI Funds, Partnerships and Projects

CEI Funds, Partnerships and EU Projects

This brochure gives an overview of the instruments the CEI utilises to meet its mission and boost sustainable development in its Member States. It is a guide for potential partners, donors and applicants. 


Contribution of CEI to UN Agenda 2030 and its implementation in CEI Member States

The analysis explores the present and future role of the CEI in the sustainable development agenda. It provides an overview of good practices and recommendations on how to further integrate Agenda 2030 in CEI activities, as well as how the implementation of SDGs features in strategies and institutional arrangements of all CEI countries.


Annual Report of the Secretary General 2019

The Annual Report 2019 of the Secretary General outlines projects and activities implemented throughout the year. 2019 marked the 30th Anniversary of the Organisation, which called for an ever further commitment to supporting European integration and sustainable development through regional cooperation. 



Science Diplomacy in CEI Member States

The study “Science Diplomacy in CEI Member States”, based on data collected in 11 CEI countries, is the first attempt to explore the state and prospects of SD in this broad portion of Europe. It provides a first overview able to map how SD is approached by these countries, as well as their interest in developing further joint actions in this field.   


Annual Report 2019 of the CEI Fund at EBRD

The Annual Report 2019 of the CEI Fund at the EBRD outlines projects and activities supported by the Fund throughout the year, namely approved and implemented Technical Cooperation assignments as well as Know-how Exchange Programme projects.


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