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Empowering Ukrainian firefighters - saving lives in Ukraine

The Warmia and Mazury Region (Poland) successfully implemented a crucial project titled "Training Ukrainian firefighters - saving Ukrainian lives"  aimed at enhancing the skills of Ukrainian volunteer firefighters. From 10 to 15 July, a comprehensive training programme was organised to equip the volunteers from Rivne Oblast with vital firefighting techniques.

The training was intensive and included a diverse range of firefighting exercises. Participants underwent rigorous instruction in a smoke chamber, mastering the use of pneumatic rescue and search-and-rescue equipment, which have become essential tools in Ukraine after the devastating impact of Russian attacks on towns and villages.

Additionally, the volunteers expressed great interest in learning about the construction of combustion, hybrid, and electric vehicles, as well as rescue techniques used in road accidents.

To enrich their experience further, field trips were arranged to Voluntary Fire Brigade units in the Warmia and Mazury Region. During these visits, Polish firefighters generously shared their practical knowledge in rescue operations, unit administration, and human resource management.

As a testament to the project's commitment to safety, each Ukrainian participant received uniforms, specialised boots, and helmets, ensuring their safety during rescue operations in Rivne Oblast.

The project was a collaborative effort between the Warmia and Mazury Region, the Regional Branch of the Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Warmia and Mazury Region, and the Regional Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Olsztyn. The State Fire Service played a crucial role by providing access to the specialised training centre and contributing dedicated instructors.

Through this meaningful initiative, the project not only trained Ukrainian firefighters but also fostered international cooperation and ultimately contributed to saving lives in Ukraine.

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