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Open Call for SMEs: test your care innovation (15 Oct. 2021)

In the framework of the ACSELL project, the CEI-Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) is launching a call for European SMEs to participate in a study in Italy and Germany. In this study, your company can test an innovation activitiy in these two countries. There are 2 co-creation sessions with end-users and/or healthcare professionals and a human factor study.  Users are to interact with innovation in simulated real-life circumstances. The study provides insights into your application in the German and Italian care context and simultaneously connects you with an interesting network you can build upon.

To participate:

  • you are to be a European SME
  • you have a sufficient number of working prototypes/products (number to be discussed)
  • The data to be collected do not require a request for approval by a medical, ethical commission

Deadline: please submit your request for your application form to Ms. Ingrid Adriaensen at and apply by 15 October 2021 at the latest.

ACSELL (ACcelerating SmE innovation capacities with a Living Lab approach) is funded under the Interreg Europe Programme through the European Regional Development Fund. It aims at sensitising the public sector, innovation intermediaries and SMEs towards the user integration in the early stage of the innovation process and towards expanding SME competencies following the interregional living lab approach. Access to smart, integrated interregional policy instruments, a vibrant ecosystem and relevant competencies will pave the way towards demand-driven and thus effective and efficient innovation.

The CEI-ES participates in sharing practices and experiences in the mutual learning activities; supports the multidisciplinary advisory panel and participates in the twinning initiatives. 
Additionally, it is also involved in the pilot activity dedicated to testing the living lab approach in a transregional implementation of a user-centered, demand-driven methodology based on a real use case from an SME.

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