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CEI joins 71st session of WHO Regional Committee for Europe

Secretary General Roberto Antonione has recently participated in the 71st session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe along with Health Ministers and high-level representatives of the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region—and partner organisations and civil society— gathering to discuss economic, social- and health-related issues and devise future directions for concerted global action.

In his remarks, Antonione recalled the unprecedented adoption of health as a priority topic in the CEI Plan of Action2021-2023 — reasserting the CEI’s commitment to join efforts with the WHO Europe towards a stronger  transnational and inclusive approach in the response to the health emergency. He emphasised the crucial role of regional and sub-regional cooperation, drawing attention to topics such as universal health coverage, digital solutions, and the role of primary care response in the current and future debate.

In this regard, the CEI welcomed the Roadmap for Health in the Western Balkans, an instrument that effectively represents the shared vision of an integrated strategy with political investment and technical dimensions; and confirmed its intention to support the initiative by building synergies and collaborations at European and sub-regional level. 

The WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Director Hans Kluge underlined the urgent need for better global governance— fostering new mechanism and strategies aligned with the principles of effectiveness, equality, and accountability. He briefed participants on the importance of making use of the information and lessons learned during the current global health emergency to develop the innovative financing instruments, systems and tools required for the strengthening and transformation of National healthcare systems across Europe.

To this end, Antonione highlighted the favourable experience of the CEI-WHO Task Force in response to the COVID-19 emergency, confirming  the CEI’s commitment to continue offering its contributions for a healthier and safer Europe.

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