The second Central European Women Farmer Gathering, organised by Serbian non-profit civil organisation “Ama – Centre for the Care of People and Nature“, took place in Vrmdža/Serbia on 18-20 October.
17 women farmers from Central Europe met for three days to share their experience.17 farms were presented in detail and 16 farm business models were defined and improved with future development opportunities.
The participants were encouraged to look at their position in the EU agriculture map from a different perspective: they were introduced to the environmental and political perspective of their work. During the event, they realised that by doing organic farming not only do they “feed the World” but they also contribute to nature protection, as well as to the people’s empowerment and rural development.
During the gathering, products (food and artisan), seeds and recipes were shared among participants from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.
This event was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
  • More information available HERE.