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SULPiTER 3rd Consortium Meeting in Trieste

On 25-26-27 September, the Partners of SULPiTER (Sustainable Urban Logistics PlannIng To Enhance Regional freight transport) gathered in Trieste for their 3rd Consortium and Steering Committee meeting.

The event took place in a significant moment, as partners have started using the Joint Transnational Tool for collecting information in their own Functional Urban Area (FUAs) to understand freight behaviour and identify possible obstacles and problems.

The tool will help partners in FUAs of Bologna, Brescia, Budapest, Maribor, Poznan, Rijeka and Stuttgart to define strategies and measures - in cooperation with relevant stakeholders - to solve critical situations. The measures will be inserted in a SULPiTER model to test their long-term effect.

The partners reported about the surveys conducted by interviewing retailers, shop owners, curriers, logistic operators, industries and public authorities and similar problems emerged: difficult access to loading zones, problems with restricted loading time, pedestrian areas and parking places.
Discussions also focused on establishing Freight Quality Partnerships, among private and public stakeholders in order to find common solutions to the identified problems.
The next meeting is envisaged to take place in Budapest in Spring 2018.
The 36-month project is funded under the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme starting on 1 June 2016.The project is led by the Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation, which coordinates 14 partners from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and Croatia. The CEI participates in the project as project partner, dealing with rolling out of results for low-carbon freight in CE FUAs and dissemination activities.


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