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​COME-IN! Cooperating for full accessibility: presentation of project guidelines

The COME-IN! Guidelines for accessible museums were presented to Italian stakeholders in Trieste on 14 July. The event was organised by the Regional Council of Associations of the People with Disabilities and their Families of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (FVG), in cooperation with the CEI in its capacity as Project Lead Partner.

Around 50 participants from regional and local authorities, disability associations and museums attended the event and endorsed the outcomes of the project, highlighting its innovative character and relevance. In line with the COME-IN! goals, all speakers mentioned that culture should be accessible to all without any barriers and that its independent use is a basic principle towards inclusion.

Among the main results of the event, the COME-IN! guidelines will be included in the framework of the development of FVG standards for classifying museums in the regional network.

At the local level, the effect of the COME-IN! Guidelines will be tested in a pilot action currently under implementation in the Archaeological Museum of Udine: the museum is applying the COME-IN! criteria and its renewed accessibility will be launched with a public event and exhibition on 9 November 2017.
The COME-IN! guidelines are available HERE.
Report on the Accessibility in Central Europe 

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