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Expert seminar and knowledge exchange on “Energy efficiency in SMEs – Make a choice” in Novi Sad

Approximately 80 participants from eight European countries, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, attended the seminar on energy efficiency held in Novi Sad on 22 April 2016. The topic on energy efficiency also attracted many key players in the region, mainly representing civil organisations, government bodies and universities.
The seminar, organised by the Regional Chamber of Commerce Novi Sad and supported by the CEI Cooperation Fund, provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.
Invited  speakers from the European Union and the Region shared their expertise on several common issues concerning implementation and improvement of energy efficiency. It resulted that similar conditions are characterising the countries in the region of South-East Europe. Basically, all countries are affected by the lack of knowledge about new technologies. Many SMEs are replacing old technologies without substantial evidence of efficiency for newer technologies, but convinced by marketing strategies to make the right choice. However,  it was pointed out that the concept of energy efficiency itself is difficult to define and therefore requires further research and knowledge exchange.
The main conclusion of the seminar is that energy security is crucial for sustainable development and only achievable through joint efforts including dissemination and transfer of knowledge as well as harmonisation of the national legislations in all countries in South-East Europe.
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