The CEI Cooperation Fund, financed by all Member States, supports small-scale projects mainly taking the form of seminars, workshops, short training courses or other kinds of events. Within the Call for Proposals 2014 the CEI is co-funding 59 projects with an overall approved amount of 466.350,00 EUR and an average grant per project of around 7900 EUR. All of the activities will be implemented in 2015 in the CEI region.

NGOs, youth organisations, scientific institutes, research centres, universities, high schools, writers’ associations, film festivals, theatres, development agencies, chambers of commerce, media organisations and associations for women entrepreneurship are amongst the organisations receiving CEI support. According to the Rules of the Fund, the CEI financial contribution can reach a maximum of 50% of the total cost of a project and is focused on supporting the participation of representatives of CEI member countries. 

Although the activities are being implemented in all the areas of CEI cooperation, three sectors are predominant:  in the field of Climate, Environment and Rural Development the CEI is supporting 13 projects, 6 of which are taking place in Serbia, and one in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland and Ukraine respectively. 10 projects are supported in the area of SMEs and Business Development. 2 of which are taking place in Croatia and Moldova respectively and one each in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia and Ukraine. In the sector of Intercultural Cooperation the Fund is co-financing 9 projects, 4 of which in Italy, and one each in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.

All public and private bodies in CEI Member States, as well as international organisations and other regional bodies are eligible to apply for CEI funding through the Cooperation Fund as long as their activities are in line with the priorities outlined in the CEI Plan of Action 2014-16 and meet the criteria set forth by the CF Regulations.

The Call for Proposals 2015 – for projects to be implemented next year - will be launched by the end of February.

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