The SEEMORE project was presented at the international conference Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning: Efficient Transport for Smarter Cities and Better Quality of Life for Citizens organised by AREA Science Park in Trieste on 25 October 2014. The event was held within the framework of the BUMP (Boosting Urban Mobility Plans) project. BUMP aims at providing city planners and technical officers of local authorities from 9 European countries with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage sustainable mobility in urban areas and produce their own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Home-to-work and home-to-school commuting as well as the mobility of tourists are among the main challenges cities are currently facing. During the event, selected companies working in the field of mobility and ITS presented their innovative technological solutions to urban mobility issues, such as apps allowing a smart management of parking spaces or facilitating car sharing opportunities among employees in home-to-work journeys. Examples of sustainable home-to-school travel options were provided by the PUMAS Project (Planning sustainable regional - Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space), that, among other activities, involved pupils from primary schools of Venice, their teachers and parents in devising environment-friendly solutions to reach the schools premises.

SEEMORE was presented by the CEI as an example of mobility solutions tailored to tourists’ needs. Sustainable mobility tourist guides, targeted awareness campaigns, specific cooperation schemes with hotels and other stakeholders of the tourism industry proved to be cost-effective solutions to foster the use of sustainable means of transport among visitors.

The conference witnessed the participation of Mariagrazia Santoro – Councillor for Infrastructures, Mobility, Spatial Planning, Public Works and University of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia – of Ms. Elena Marchigiani – Councillor for Urban Planning, Mobility and Traffic, Private Housing, Public Housing and Complex Projects of the Municipality of Trieste – and of representatives of local authorities, research centres and local development agencies from many European countries.
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  The SEEMORE (Sustainable and Energy Efficient Mobility Options in Tourist Regions in Europe) project, co-funded by the EU programme Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), has the objective of improving the offer of sustainable transport modes for tourists in eight European coastal tourist regions, as well as to transfer the successful approaches in this field to other touristic regions in Europe. The project runs until March 2015 and has an overall budget of EUR 1.974.225.