The RAIL4SEE project partners, gathering in Budapest on 14-16 July 2014, had the opportunity to participate in an on-site visit at the Budapest intermodal station, with a presentation on its developments and improvements over the years, as well as in a ride with the Children’s railway to the terminal. Comprehensive information about the intermodal public transport in Budapest and its connection with other Hungarian and European cities was also provided.
During the project meeting, the participants discussed latest developments and steps to be taken. The main results related to specific success stories were presented, such as the Thessaloniki city train, the Bologna integrated ticketing system as well as some cases of timetable harmonisation. The meeting was attended by the South East Europe (SEE) Programme Joint Technical Secretariat, which positively evaluated the project achievements and their promotion.
The CEI presented the main outcome for the Venice and Trieste hubs as well as the activities to be carried out in the next six months. In particular, the CEI will start distributing papery information providing integrated timetable information for train and public transport connections and will produce a video for the promotion of the related hubs.
The next project meeting will be held in Zagreb on 11-12 September 2014.
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