The ADRIA A project has received a strong endorsement from the regional and national government through the General Framework Agreement in the field of transport signed by the two parties. The Agreement explicitly quotes ADRIA A as a best practice of cross-border cooperation with neighbouring countries and builds on its findings and feasibility studies to officially support the financing of the missing infrastructural links identified by the project. One of the most important links is the Trieste-Koper railway line, currently hindering the development of transnational transport between the two ports and the two countries.

ADRIA A - funded under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 - aims at contributing to the accessibility and transport reorganisation in the entire cross-border area, in order to form an integrated Italian-Slovene metropolitan transport area. Under the guidance of the CEI Secretariat, Lead Partner, the project’s partnership embraces 27 partners, among which the Italian and Slovene Ministries of Transport and Environment, local administration authorities (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto Region, Provinces and Municipalities), the main passenger traffic generators (ports and airports).

The common intention is to define the missing links in the Italian and Slovene railway infrastructural network, in order to guarantee a single transport model for the whole territory.

Through the project, the existing railway line has been analysed in order to use it in an optimal way. Actions aimed at eliminating missing links and bottlenecks by introducing service programmes, classified at different levels, and by identifying service stations, stops and interexchange points have been introduced.

The acknowledgement of ADRIA A and the CEI as its Lead Partner, underlines how important European projects actually are as well as the concrete outcome they potentially have, in line with the CEI’s mission aimed at fostering European integration through regional cooperation.

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