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EDITS 5th Project Management Team meeting in Brno

On 4 June 2014, Partners of the EDITS Project responsible for the implementation of the main activities met in Brno, Czech Republic to discuss the state of the art of the activity 6 months prior to its conclusion.

Most partners are preparing the main criteria for the demonstration phase of the EDITS system, i.e., for the implementation of the single pilots foreseen for the three demonstration areas (CENTROPE, ITALY – provinces of Ferrara and Modena and Triangle area of Italy – Slovenia and Austria).

Discussions focused on how to carry out the validation of the results deriving from the pilots; how to carry out surveys and questionnaires among end users and main stakeholders; disseminate the main results and reach all the foreseen objectives by the end of the year.

The CEI cooperates with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Italy) in the pilot implementation in the triangle area of Italy - Slovenia and Austria and follows the communication activities. During the gathering, participants presented the new tools to be used for the project promotion and dissemination oif results.

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