The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the DESIGN-MTS Project was held on 13 December in Brussels at the premises of CSR Europe, Project Partner. The partnership consortium discussed the ongoing activities and the results achieved so far, i.e. the Existing Analysis Report and the European Best Practices Report. Special focus was given to the elaboration of the draft sector-wide joint set of commitments as well as to the forthcoming operational activities.

Participants had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Sophie Mueller, Policy Officer for CSR in DG Enterprise & Industry, and with Mr. Dominique Sobczak, Scientific Officer in DG Research & Innovation. They both delivered interesting and useful presentations on the European Commission’s approach to CSR and new funding opportunities under Horizon 2020, the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020). The gathering also gave participants the chance to share these first project results as well as to establish further synergies with the European Commission.

In conjunction with the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting, focused meetings of the WP2 working groups took place in the afternoon.

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