Within the EU-funded project entitled “Improving Cooperation in SEE by Actions for Strengthening the RCC” a Regional Sector Stakeholders’ Conference on Creative Industry was organised by the CEI in Sarajevo on 29 January, 2014.  

More than fifty participants from South-eastern Europe attended the gathering to debate the role of design in the Balkan region, as an advantage for innovation in many fields, from spatial planning to cultural communication and marketing of manufacturers’ outputs.

Representatives from the RCC and its Task Force on Culture and Society gave their insight on the importance of Creative Industry development for economic growth in the Balkans. Participants agreed upon the fact that this element should be taken into account for the implementation of the newly endorsed South East Europe 2020 Strategy given the prospects of employment in the sector of CI.

The active contribution of participants and the constructive discussion proved that creative stakeholders are interested in cooperation and exchange of knowledge and ideas, suitable for the innovation of both industries and public administration.

The event benefited from the presence of Rob Van Iersel, Programme Manager for Creative Europe - Culture programme of the European Commission - DG Education and Culture, who advised the audience on how to submit their projects for raising EC funds. An important contribution was also provided by Vittorio Simoncelli, Manager of Sviluppo Basilicata, the Italian development agency, who reported about the pilot project of the Design and Creative Entrepreneurship Incubator of "I Sassi" (The Stones) in the UNESCO town of Matera.

This Regional Conference on Creative Industry provided substantial added value to the networking and connecting perspectives of the project partners and clarified fundraising opportunities from EU programmes, the CEI KEP and other international institutions and regional organisations.

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