On 17 October, 2013 Serbian Minister for Education, Science and Technological Development, Tomislav Jovanović, and his Assistant Minister, Radomir Žikić, met in Belgrade with Mr. Giorgio Rosso Cicogna, Special Advisor to CEI Secretary General.

Discussions focused on the activities of the Central European Initiative and on Serbia’s position with regard to regional cooperation in the field of Science and Technology, especially in view of the upcoming Meeting of the CEI Ministers for Science and Technology, on 29  October in Trieste.

Minister Jovanović - who a week before had met his Italian counterpart, Minister Carrozza, at the Italo-Serbian Summit of Ancona - confirmed that for his country an intense cooperation with the CEI S&T Network based in Trieste was an overall priority.

In this context, he specifically mentioned the participation of Serbia in the C-ERIC, i.e. the European Consortium aimed at facilitating access of Scientific Communities of CEI Member States to the Syncrotron Radiation Laboratories (Elettra) and to the Free Electron Laser Laboratories (Fermi). He also confirmed Serbia’s interest in the activities of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) paying special attention to the activities in the field of advanced biofuels, a priority research area for his country. Finally Jovanović confirmed a strong support to the current activities of the CEI promoting Science, Technology and Innovation through a more intense regional cooperation in this field.

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