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Belgrade (Serbia)

The two day international conference, financed through the CEI Cooperation Fund, will take place in Belgrade and will gather more than 45 actors – including participants from local authorities, NGO, local and refugee population various local, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental actors.

The event will investigate and assess the scope of various inclusive educational/training and labour opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees, specifically the Slovenian One Stop Shop integration model, as well as multiple other European multicultural socio-economic, educational, and labour policies from CEI Member States such as Poland, the Czech Republic and from non-CEI Member States such as Sweden, which is nowadays a European model for social inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees.

The general objective of the proposed action is to strengthen local response in integration, interaction, awareness raising, and linking initiatives across Europe. The project will follow-up on the last two CEI-funded projects in Serbia, which tackled various features of integration and policies governing integration of refugees in the Western Balkan region.