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Congress of CEI Local Authorities

Start date
Sofia (Bulgaria)

The 1st Congress meeting of the recently launched CEI Local Dimension is taking place in Sofia on 8 June 2022 in the framework of the Bulgarian CEI Presidency 2022.

This operational meeting, under the title "CEI Local and Regional Authorities in the post crisis Europe – prospects for sustainable and resilient future", is organized by the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) and the CEI-Executive Secretariat. It will witness the participation of Mayors and local leaders, as well as their representative associations of CEI Member States, who will have the chance to exchange views and make the voices of Local Regional Authorities (LRAs) heard on key priorities, lessons learned, challenges faced especially in these difficult times and on possible future steps to move forward.

This event will be preceded and complemented by the NAMRB General Assembly Discussion Forum on 7 June, dedicated to the Future of the European project and the role of the LRAs, featuring as speakers, the Prime-Minister of Bulgaria, ministers from the Bulgarian government, EU Commissioners, mayors and many others.


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