BIOGOS Project: Implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC in the Field of Biofuels in Transport – Transfer of Best Practices
The project aimed at transferring Croatia’s experience in implementing the EU legislation, taking into account practical difficulties in the regulation of the biofuels market and the need for investments in new technologies and storage facilities for biofuels in Serbia.

„The CEI KEP co-financing scheme is a very valuable instrument as it provides supplementary funds for project development, but most importantly networking and integration in the region. 
We have designed the BIOGOS project together with the National Petroleum Committee of Serbia to provide transfer of best practices from Croatia in the field of implementing Directive 2009/28/EC - related to biofuels in the transport sector - to the expert community in Serbia via expert workshops and a study visit to Zagreb with high-level discussions with public authorities’ representatives and key market players. 
The “lessons learned” in Croatia have been of great value and interest to our partners in Serbia. The project has contributed to a great extent to networking of biofuels’ professionals between our two neighboring countries and the established contacts could lead to new projects and partnership opportunities in the future“. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zagreb (Croatia) – Know-How Provider

“We are grateful to the CEI for co-financing the project as well as providing a highly beneficial framework for relevant experience exchange and driving progress in the Central European region. We are confident that the BIOGOS project has provided a very valuable contribution to fulfilment of national goals related to EU legislation implementation and granted relevant support for the sustainable introduction of biofuels in the Republic of Serbia in the interest of all stakeholders and participants in this demanding process.
The BIOGOS project has resulted in preparation of Policy Recommendations and Proposals for draft by-laws which have been submitted to the Serbian national authorities as contribution for the biofuels legislative framework that is yet to be adopted in the country. 
The BIOGOS Working Group has previously submitted amendments related to biofuels to the new Energy Law in Serbia, all adopted by the national Parliament, thus setting the basis for the biofuels’ related legislation implementation. Our project has received the support of the national Ministry of Mining and Energy throughout its duration and by its finalization several members of the project Working Group have also been appointed as experts within the official national Biofuels’ Working Group. 
We firmly believe the project has strengthened the biofuels’ network and knowledge base in Serbia and the project Working Group shall continue monitoring the advances in the field.
National Petroleum Committee of Serbia - World Petroleum Council Serbia – Project Beneficiary
Know-how for Donetsk Region – Strengthening of Administrative Structures and Regional Development in Ukraine
In the framework of the project, a training for 28 Ukrainian representatives of the regional administration of the Donetsk Region (Ukraine) was carried out. The Project aimed at supporting the Ukrainian beneficiary in the establishment of regional development instruments for strengthening the institutional capacities of the territorial administration through theoretical and practical know-how transfer.

   “From very beginning Ukrainian side showed willingness to gain Polish know-how in terms of reforms of territorial administration and regional development. The project was implemented by Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, administration of second largest Polish region, building upon previous contacts established between Wielkopolska and Donetsk Region in 2010. 
Activities held within the project included a study visit in Ukraine, an internship in Poland, a round-up seminar in Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska Region, as well as the preparation of the “Polish-Ukrainian glossary of basic terms related to regional development and territorial administration” . The glossary is first of its kind as there is no similar publication gathering and comparing knowledge about regional development and territorial administration in Poland and Ukraine. Polish experts supporting decentralization reform in Ukraine use the glossary as a handbook during trainings and study visits.
Representatives of Beneficiary institution stressed that best practices and Polish experiences transferred in the framework of the Project helped them in drawing expectations regarding particular aspects of the self-government reform. The knowledge gained within CEI KEP project will be used during the preparation and writing of the long-term development strategies of village, town and district councils”.
Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region- Know-How Provider

CEI KEP ITALY Call for Porposals 2015 (Deadline: 1 July 2015)

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