The project ADRIA – A (Accessibility and Development for the Re-launch of the Internal Adriatic Area) has recently been approved by the Monitoring Committee of the Crossborder Cooperation Programme Italy – Slovenia.

The Project aims at contributing  to the accessibility and transport reorganisation in order to form a unique integrated Italian – Slovene metropolitan transport area.

The main goal is to define the missing links in the Italian and Slovene railway infrastructural network to guarantee a single transport model for the whole territory. The project also foresees the creation of an EGTC (European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation) capable of ensuring cooperation in territorial and transport planning even after the conclusion of the project. The project’s partnership embraces 27 partners among which the Italian and Slovene Ministries of Transport and Environment, local administration authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), the main passenger traffic generators (ports and airports) under the guidance of the Executive Secretariat of the Central European Initiative (CEI), project Lead Partner.  The main activities will regard studies, analysis and surveys on transport, passenger demand, economic, financial and environmental impacts, feasibility and preliminary infrastructural project studies for the missing railway links, integrated multimodal transport model, etc. The total budget amounts to 3.289.00,00€ and the project will last for 48 months (1 January 2010 – 31December 2013).