(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, 29 GIU - The EU is helping Norway deliver over 180,000 doses of the Covid vaccine to Kosovo after Pristina authorities filed a request for aid through the European Civil Protection Mechanism. A statement from the European Commission reported. The EC coordinates and finances up to 75% of the transport costs of the assistance. "The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all. The EU is committed to contributing to vaccine sharing globally: we can only defeat the pandemic if we act together," said Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic, thanking Norway for "its generous offer to Kosovo. "Our Emergency Response Coordination Center - he continued - is ready to facilitate further sharing of vaccines." Since the beginning of the pandemic, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has coordinated and co-financed the delivery to Kosovo of 140,000 masks and other personal protective equipment and disinfectants, oxygen generators, and antigen tests from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and France. (ANSA).