(ANSA) - BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 14 - The highest increase at EU level of agricultural output was recorded in 2018 in Slovenia, the EU statistical office Eurostat said today. According to Eurostat, the rise in relative terms of the agricultural output in Slovenia was 17.9% in 2018, ahead of Romania (+8.0%) and Croatia (+5.9%), while Lithuania (-7.4%) was one of the EU countries that recorded one of the largest agricultural output decrease. Poland and Romania are among the EU countries that have one of the highest output in agriculture, Eurostat added. At EU level, France (€77.2 bn, 18% of the EU total) had the highest total agricultural output, followed by Italy (€56.9 bn, or 13%), Germany (€52.7 bn, or 12%) and Spain (€52.2 bn, or also 12%), the United Kingdom (€29.8 bn, or 7%), the Netherlands (€28.2 bn, or 6%), Poland (€25 bn, or also 6%) and Romania (€18.6 bn, or 4%). (ANSA).