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Olio Capitale is in Trieste again, with 220 exhibitors

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 28 FEB - About 220 exhibitors from 16 Italian regions, Slovenia, and Greece will attend Olio Capitale, the fair for typical and quality extra virgin olive oils, scheduled in Trieste for March 8-10. The fair, promoted by the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce through its in-house company Aries and in collaboration with, among others, the National Association of Oil Cities, the Municipality of Trieste, Unioncamere, and Mirabilia, was presented today. The showcase will take place at the Generali Convention Center. Hundreds of quality extra virgin olive oil labels will be displayed for 19 buyers from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Holland, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, and the United States. In addition to visiting the booths, conferences, workshops, book presentations, events in the city's restaurants and clubs, and tastings of 15 different cockt(o)ils are scheduled. The opening conference, on March 8 at 11 a.m., as CCIAA VG president Antonio Paoletti explained, will focus on "root tourism": experts and institutions will discuss how evo oil and oil-tourism experiences can be an attractive element for return tourism for those who live abroad and intend to rediscover their roots in Italy. Also expected among the participants is the Undersecretary for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra. Olio Capitale, Paoletti said, "is a format that enhances food culture and economy." "We want to make people understand more and more that oil is healthy, that different oils should be used for different dishes, and that you cannot compare an extra virgin olive oil, like these we are presenting at the fair, with oils costing 3-4 euros per liter." "We are increasingly spreading the culture of using a good oil, and as a result, we have many requests" for purchases "through buyers." Finally, as for the 18th Olio capital competition, 120 companies sent in their products: 168 oils from 16 Italian regions and Spain, Greece, and Croatia. (ANSA).