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Michel, EU is safer with Romania and Bulgaria in Schengen

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, 27 MAR - "I do believe that the EU will be safer with Romania and Bulgaria in Schengen, and I believe that Romania meets all the requirements. So I hope the EU will decide as soon as possible and at any rate in 2023." EU Council President Charles Michel said this at a press conference in Bucharest with Romania's President Klaus Iohannis. "Schengen entry is a national fact; we are all committed to it. The negotiation is complex because we do not have to prove anything to show that we are ready for entry; everyone agrees. Austria's opposition is not due to Romania but is related to the immigration dossier," Iohannis added, underlining that Romania and Bulgaria don't need to enter Schengen together but hope this will happen. (ANSA).