The Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) and the University of Trieste are organising an Advanced Master’s Course in Sustainable Blue Growth for researchers, scientists and managers interested in bringing scientific excellence and technological innovation at the center of initiatives and strategies for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea area.

The opening ceremony took place at the University of Trieste on Monday, 5 March.  The course is attended by 22 participants from the Mediterranean countries and Italy.

The one-year Master’s in "Sustainable blue growth" is a course of advanced training in English, aimed at promoting the creation of stable and attractive blue career pathways and at training qualified talents to support expanding marine and maritime sectors.

The "blue growth" involves many sectors, from biotechnology to renewable energy, from maritime and coastal tourism to the construction and repair of boats, from logistics to aquaculture and fishing, from the use of minerals to off-shore extractions.

In the framework of its partnership with the OGS, the CEI has provided a financial contribution to support scholarships for foreign students.
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