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CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators: follow-up event in Trieste

Art curators, artists, architects and relevant exerts gathered in Trieste, on 28 October, to resume the topics of the CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators and present the “Harbour for Cultures H/C” project to the citizens of Trieste.
The event, organised by Trieste Contemporanea Committee, was held at Magazzino delle Idee, in the framework of the exhibition Maria Theresa and Trieste. History and cultures of the city and its port, and was proceeded by a poetic walk through the Old Harbour of Trieste.
Drawing inspiration from the real case history of how to convert and reuse the area of the Old Harbour of Trieste, the Venice Forum’s research and discussion explored both the historical functions of port activities carried out for economic interests (exchange of goods, insurance issues and commercial profit) as well as the notion of "suspension" linked to the idea of a port (of arriving, temporarily belonging and then leaving). In that context, the H/C project was launched and will be developed further within two years with an open process method, between art and urban topics, with the organization of workshops and meetings, studies, exhibitions and multidisciplinary events.
During the Trieste event, some of the most interesting visions, desires and perspectives collected so far were discussed and presented to the audience.
In the evening, a first H/C exhibition was opened at Studio Tommaseo, based on a spatial setting with a scaled representation of the warehouses of Porto Vecchio, documentary material and the H/C maps filled in by local and international contributors. The exhibition will run open until 31 December 2017.
  • More information available HERE.
The CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators is a biennial event dealing with contemporary art promotion and the exchange of curatorial practices coinciding with the opening of the Biennale Arte.  The initiative was started by Trieste Contemporanea in 2001 and is conceived and run under the auspices of the Central European Initiative.  The Venice Forum has been a CEI Feature Event and has regularly received grants from the CEI Cooperation Fund since 2003.  The Forum also benefits from a number of co-operations and collaboration of European institutions, organisations and local governments.


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