Endorsed and co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, DESIGN-MTS – Defining Social responsibility Interventions for a Grounded Networking in Machine Tool Sector is ending on 31 December 2014. The project was led by the University of Macerata in partnership with CECIMO, CSR-Europe, IRES and the University of Nottingham and the CEI.

During the project, important actions have been taken in order to raise awareness and increase the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the European machine tool industry and its supply chain. A multi-stakeholder platform on CSR has also been launched, bringing together representatives from academia, enterprises, business associations, work representatives, civil society organisations, public authorities and policy makers.

One of the major results achieved is the important impact on Central and Eastern European countries and other EIP (Enterprise and  Innovation Programme) participating countries, where CSR had till now received less (even if growing) attention. One of the main objectives of the platform was to provide multi-lateral support to CSR, involving 29 EIP participating countries, including EU Member States and other EIP participating countries, among which Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Thanks to the CEI, participants from Central, Eastern and South East European countries were involved in the project, both in the research carried out for mapping the existing situation, and in the actions for raising awareness and for the implementation of CSR, including participation in on-line training modules. This has enabled a fruitful know-how transfer and exchange of experience among EU and non-EU Member States.

Benedetta Giovanola, DESIGN-MTS Project Coordinator, expresses her satisfaction: “Cooperation with the CEI has brought a strong added value to the whole project, and has shown how European integration can be effectively promoted and supported”.

For more information: radovanovi@cei.int, juricev@cei.int