On 7 May 2014, a CEI delegation headed by Secretary General Giovanni Caracciolo di Vietri held talks with Hubert Gambs, Chief of Commissioner J. Hahn’s Cabinet and members of the Cabinet as well as with the DG REGIO at the EC Berlaymont building in Brussels in order to explore possible contributions of the CEI to the governance of existing and future EU Macro-regional Strategies.
The representatives of the EC underlined that the implementation of the EU Strategies was and would always be under the ownership and full responsibility of the participating countries, the EC acting as facilitator of the entire process, and at the same time that the involvement of international and regional organisations such as the CEI in this process was most welcome.
The CEI received a strong encouragement to further develop its contacts and working relations with the various Priority Areas of the EUSDR, since its experience and track record in capacity building and networking actions represented an asset, especially for non-EU countries.
The meeting was a result of the conference “CEI as Bridge between European (Macro-) Regions / Synergies with International Organisations”, held in Vienna on 24 January 2014 under the auspices of the Austrian CEI Presidency, where Commissioner J. Hahn had highlighted the need to improve the governance of the macro-regional cooperation process. On that occasion he also recalled the “no new institutions” principle and pointed out that existing organisations, including regional initiatives like the CEI, should contribute to the process.