The major outcomes of the project “Improving environmental and disaster prevention capacity in Serbia” were presented during the final conference held on 25-26 February in Bologna, Italy.

The project is implemented in the framework of the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP), financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, entirely supported by the Italian Government, with a grant of 35.500 EUR and total cost of the project of  80.200 EUR.

The Regional Agency for Disaster Prevention and Environment (ARPA ER) of the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy) was the know-how provider. The recipients of the assignment were the Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Hydrometeorogical Service of Serbia.
The main aim of the Project was to train the Serbian beneficiaries to improve their capacities for the management of critical environmental issues, such as water and air quality monitoring, real-time hydrometeorological monitoring and forecasting, risk management and natural disasters prevention, while implementing specific projects in the most sensitive areas of the country: the Drina river basin, with its extension of about 20,000 km2 and river length of 346 km. ARPA ER also gave recommendations on technology and capacity improvements for sustainable water management and resource protection, and contributed to improving the monitoring techniques of the Serbian beneficiary institutions.
Considering the successful achievements of the project, the Italian and Serbian partners expressed their intention to continue collaborating together in the framework of new project ideas.
The CEI Fund at the EBRD will continue to boost the know-how of the institutions concerned by the Drina river basin with a Phase II of the project involving the national Hydrometeorological Service of Republika Srpska and the Hydrometeorological and Seismological Institute of Montenegro as beneficiaries. At the end of the two projects, all the relevant institutions dealing with the Drina river basin in CEI member countries will be trained.
The programme of the Final Conference is available here.

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