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Leskovac (Serbia)

The SAFEMEAT project aims at developing a system for easy and accurate monitoring of gas in meat products during storage and distribution in Serbia where the meat industry is currently facing spoilage during storage due to microorganisms. The project is lead by the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the National Research Council of Italy in cooperation with the Faculty of Technology of Leskovac, University of Niš, Serbia.

The project focuses on the transdisciplinary collaboration of different research activities linked to safety during production, storage and distribution of meat products and to supporting staff to improve quality inspection methodologies. In particular, it will develop a new spectroscopic device to inspect ammonia content released by meat during microbial contamination. The project will enhance know-how related to meat quality and safety control in research institutions that can be applied to Serbian SMEs operating in the meat industry. Project beneficiaries will benefit from a set of training modules related to the meat supply chain as well as to the use of innovative spectroscopic devices oriented at assessing support needs and at enhancing technical capabilities.