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Petrovaradin (Serbia)

The project, supported through the CEI Cooperation Fund, includes a 3-day conference in Petrovaradin (Serbia), gathering international experts and others interested in the topic of sustainable management of fortresses in CEE countries, bringing on board diversity expertise, skills, networking potentials. The conference will be accompanied by a photo exhibition and a printed publication.

Experts from Croatia (Tvrđa of Osijek), Czech Republic (Terezin Fortress, Josefov Fortress), Romania (Alba Iulia), Italy (Palmanova Fortress), Austria (Bad Radkersburg), Ukraine (Brody Fortress, Lviv Fortress), Poland (Zamošć Fortress, Poznan Fortress) and Serbia (Petrovaradin Fortress) will share know-how on the topic of preservation and sustainable management of architectural heritage. The event will be held at the facilities of the Art Association Inbox, in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad Serbia.

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