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POSTPONED - Skopje (North Macedonia)

New technologies are impacting services and industries, and globalisation has fueled major transformations in the business world. As a result of these multiple challenges faced by the global business community in arbitration cases, institutional support is needed to bring forth efficient dispute resolution methods.

To this end, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is organising this two-day conference in Skopje, North Macedonia on 23-24 April, to bring together participants from CEI countries belonging to the business sector, academic community, arbitration centres, including law attorneys, students, and the wider public. 

The gathering aims at fostering the improvement of the business climate by making arbitration flexible to reflect the ever-accelerating pace of everyday transactions and international commerce. A result of the discussions,  a white book with proposals and recommendations will be prepared.

This event is co-financed under the CEI Cooperation Fund.