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Following up on the successful implementation of the CELEBio project, the CEI-ES is now reaching out to research centres and universities in the CELEBio region and beyond to promote a joint knowledge dissemination event with EERA Bioenergy.

EERA Bioenergy is one of the 17 Joint Programmes of the European Energy Research Alliance, which is a non-profit Association that contributes to the coordination of a massive public research effort to develop more efficient and cheaper low carbon energy technologies. EERA is the public research pillar of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan and aims at accelerating the development and market uptake of key low carbon technologies.

The “BOOSTING THE R&D&I COLLABORATION WITH EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: THE KEY ROLE OF EERA BIOENERGY” webinar aims at broadening the participation of research stakeholders from the CEI Region to EERA Bioenergy with the ultimate goal of boosting their participation in forerunning projects and initiatives in the field of sustainable energy and decarbonisation.

The webinar will take place on June 9, 15.00 CET.

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