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Back to the Future with Impact

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The CEI-funded event implemented by Heartbeats Innovation & Communication and Mladiinfo is part of the project "Towards Social Economy: Young Social Innovators as Forerunners of Positive Change in V4 and WB6”.

The event presents itself as an online journey where participants can join 3 "hop-on opportunities". The journey is structured in 3 categories, representing the main trends of social economy in the region: Green - Equity - Tech. Once onboard, participants can decide which city they will travel to next. Whilst traveling, participants will hear from the speakers about the history of social economy in the destination - till we land in their homes of impact. We will then have a live chat about the speakers' personal stories, challenges, and practical tips. Moreover, there will be a time slot in which experts can share and discuss funding and career opportunities for their industry and countries.

​The event will stream live online, from 2 PM to 6 PM (CET). 

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