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The project Green groWing SMEs: Innovation and Development in the energy sector in mEd aRea (WIDER), is funded by the EU Programme MED (2007-2013).   The purpose of the project is to address the ageing trend and related social changes and challenges it presents,by using an innovative approach. In particular, it aims to enhance elderly customers’ lifestyle while helping them to use energy in a cleaner and better way and improve energy saving until autonomy of their residence. This will be done through targeted project activities aimed at improving and sharing knowledge management regarding innovation, markets opportunities and new products of SMEs all along the supply chain of the eco-smart housing for independent living of elderly sector in seven  focused MED regional industrial areas.   Thanks to the implementation of seven regional targeted pilot projects and two Innovation Fairs, the selected local SMEs, actually or potentially belonging to the eco-smart housing for elderly sector, will have the chance to gain, improve and share competencies regarding the increase of the value of their own products or the repositioning of new ones on wider target market segments through an energy efficiency and end-user centered approach.   The CEI participates in WIDER as full-fledged Partner responsible for promoting and disseminating the specific knowledge and the experiences gained through the project activities to its Member States.
The CEI’s aim is threefold: to raise awareness of a broader public in its Member States on the elderly issue in general, to influence public policies regarding elderly needs and possible solutions, and particularly to provide SMEs with innovative and specific ideas, information and know-how for new potential market niches and related opportunities for growth.   The project runs from January 2013 to June 2015.

Project Partners