Ambassador Gerhard Pfanzelter, CEI Secretary General, and Ms. Silvia Acerbi, Vice President of INFORMEST signed a Framework Partnership Agreement between CEI and INFORMEST at the CEI Headquarters in Trieste. Ms Federica Seganti, in charge of International Affairs for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Governemnt, as well as Hon. Roberto Antonione, President of the Italian Delegation to the CEI Parliamentary Assembly, were also present at the Signing Ceremony.

The Partnership Agreement is aimed to provide the parties with a general framework to strengthen their relations, in order to enhance project-oriented cooperation in areas of common interest, with priority  to activities related to transfer of know-how and capacity building, particularly in non-EU countries of the CEI. CEI and INFORMEST will cooperate on projects and activities, taking advantage of their reciprocal strengths: the intergovernmental dimension of the CEI and the technical expertise of Informest.   In view of the expected benefits from further mutual co-operation, the parties identified priority types of cooperation: inter alia, the identification of projects in the framework of EU-funded programmes as well as projects co-financed under CEI funded programmes.    For more information:;      

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