On 16 April, the CEI National Coordinators convened in Vienna for their second meeting under Montenegrin Presidency.
Chaired by Ambassador Nebojša Kaluđerović, newly appointed Political Director, the meeting was attended by Hon. Roberto Antonione, Chair of the International Group of Experts on the Strengthening of the CEI (IGE) , which held a meeting in Vienna on 15 April.

The meeting focused on the priorities of the CEI Montenegrin Presidency, its future activities and the state of discussions of the IGE whose mandate is to draft recommendations for the strengthening of the CEI to be tabled at the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 15 June (Montenegro).   The National Coordinators highlighted the imperative of an intensified cooperation with the EU. In this context, Antonione and Kaluđerović, reaffirmed their readiness to give a fresh and special contribution to the realisation of CEI goals, strengthening its efficiency and project-oriented dimension.   The CNC also looked into the possibility of providing additional funding for CEI Projects at the EBRD in London, to be further discussed on the occasion of the meeting of CEI Steering Committee, composed of the Directors at the EBRD and the CEI National Coordinators (21 May, London).