The CEI University Network (CEI UniNet) is a contribution of the CEI to higher education in order to enhance cooperation among universities and other institutions of higher learning in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

This is done through the mobility of students and teaching staff at post – graduate level. Mobility is promoted through the implementation of Joint Programmes such as PhD and Master's courses, financed through annual calls for proposals. Summer schools, Seminars and Workshops may also be supported provided that they envisage a teaching element, a minimum duration of one week and an awarding certificate.

Small scale multilateral projects i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops, training courses in the field of education are also co-financed through the CEI Cooperation Fund. 
The CEI UniNet functions through the following organs:

• the Secretary General
• the Executive Board
• the General Assembly

The Secretary General is the Rector of the University of Trieste, who acts also as a Chairperson of the Executive Board and the General Assembly, composed of participating Universities from the CEI Member State. The CEI UniNet is serviced by a unit of the CEI Secretariat, based in Trieste at the CEI Headquarters.

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