"Today when the economies of our countries begin to recover after the global crisis, we are aware of the importance of investments for economic growth and for the entire  economy of each of our countries” said the Minister of Economy of Montenegro Branko Vujovic, in his opening speech at the CEI Meeting of Ministers of Economy on "Investment Promotion", organized under the Montenegro CEI Presidency of 2010 in Podgorica on 28 October 2010.

Minister Vujovic pointed out that the advantages of bringing foreign direct investments could only be maintained through permanent reforms and continuous improvement of business and investment climate, not only within individual economies but also through economic and political cooperation within the region.   He also highlighted that special emphasis should be put on investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development.   CEI Alternate Secretary General, Giorgio Rosso Cicogna, pointed out that the CEI Meetings of Economy Ministers could provide an opportunity for defining specific investment opportunities and instruments for their implementation. "That is why it is important to promote regional cooperation, in particular in the field of renewable energy sources, eliminating possible business barriers and promoting R&D and related investments.  Acording to the CEI Secretariat, setting up the CEI Business Forum, in addition to the Economic Forum, would enable direct communication with the business communities of CEI countries and as a consequence create a favourable business environment"..   During the meeting, participants acknowledged the fact that all countries in the CEI region have made significant progress in establishing a favourable business environment but also agreed that the ultimate goal of future activities should be the identification of inefficient processes, resolving unnecessary bureaucracy and reducing obstacles for efficient business management.   for more information: dovier@cei-es.org


    From left: Min. Vujovic and Mr. Rosso Cicogna    

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