Co-financed by the Italian contribution to the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) through the CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD, the project aims to provide significant support to enhancing women’s entrepreneurship in Croatia.

The project represents a valuable result of the ongoing cooperation between the CEI and the Adriatic-Ionic Initiative (AII).

The kick-off meeting of the project was successfully held in Padua and in Pordenone from 29 September 2010 to 1 October 2010, on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua. The Chamber of Commerce is one of the donor partners of the project along with FINEST Spa and the Province of Pordenone. Established by an Italian State law in 1991, FINEST Spa, Lead Partner of the project, is a financial firm actively supporting the growth of north-eastern Italian firms in the international arena.   The goal of the first two-day training course was to offer 10 Croatian trainers the necessary instruments to provide assistance to Croatian women interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the following topics: the drafting of communication and marketing plans to set up new enterprises, useful fund raising skills within the European market and for outlining a project, access to credits as well as for setting up a business plan.   On October 1 the participants moved to Pordenone, where they met with representatives of the Province and the Municipality of Pordenone. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to interact with representatives of local entrepreneurs in the catering sector, i.e. the Lady Chef Group, who presented their activities. This meeting  was a case study portraying some of the best northern Italian practices for developing and managing tourism related activities, as the Lady Chef  Group is an example of very successful local women entrepreneurs.   The second phase of the project will take place between November and December on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Zadar, Croatia, recipient partner of the project.   For more information:  

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