The implementation of the CEI Trust Fund supported Know-how Exchange project AER Peer Review on Energy in Vojvodina on “How to create sustainable energy communities within our regions?” has started at the beginning of this month.

The experts of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) carried out a four-day review of the energy policy for the municipality of Temerin in order to design an appropriate model for sustainable energy governance to be adopted by the city hall and further promoted across the whole province of Vojvodina (Serbia).

The five energy experts from the Bolzano KlimaHaus (Italy), the energy agencies of Prahova and Alba Iulia (Romania), and AER conducted numerous field inspections and interviews to make sure the authorities’ ambitious energy goals were appropriately supported by the sectoral policies and the  funding and skilful human resources were sufficient.

They met with the representatives of the local government, companies producing and distributing heat and electric energy, environmental NGOs, development agencies, regional chamber of commerce, local planners, architects, constructors, hotel owners, school directors and enterprises responsible for the refurbishment and maintenance of electrical installations. The audit was completed with a half-day visit to the Temerin primary school where a local experimental centre for promotion of energy efficiency and low-carbon energies is set to be created.

By employing this peer review instrument, the project’s final report, expected by mid-February 2011, will strongly focus on the issue of the rational use of energy in public and private buildings – the biggest municipal energy consumers. The audit should also contribute to the improvement of the Serbian Energy Development Strategy for Vojvodina, carried out by the regional administration since 2007.

As portrayed by Ms. Branislava Belić, vice-president of the Assembly of Vojvodina, the project is expected to have a significant ripple impact: “Achieving a successful transition of our region to a low-energy intense territory should have important spill-over effects. The reduction of energy consumption which reaches in Vojvodina the record high levels remains our forefront priority. But we also expect this project to create totally new opportunities, such as green jobs, enhanced economic development, sustainable tourism and a healthier livelihood.”

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