The joint CEI - RCC Sustainable Energy Development Regional Initiative (SEDRI) was launched at the CEI Headquarters in Trieste on 7-8 October 2010 during the first Task Force meeting.

As emphasised by CEI Secretary General, Amb. Gerhard Pfanzelter: “This initiative represents concrete efforts of the two regional players to combine forces and work together in renewable energy and energy efficiency in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe which is in line with the EU climate and energy policy”.

The meeting gathered representatives and experts of ministries and specialised agencies from 9 CEI Member States (Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine), together with the representatives of CEI and RCC Secretariat. As an immediate follow-up the countries will submit project proposals for the “SEDRI Project Proposals Inventory”, in order to consider the support of the International Financial Institutions in the implementation of small scale sustainable energy projects in South-East (Western Balkans) and Eastern Europe.

The main goals of SEDRI are: improvement of the legislative, institutional and regulatory frameworks for the development of the sustainable regional energy sector; construction of small-scale sustainable energy facilities in South-East and Eastern European countries; fostering a framework for regional cooperation in the field of sustainable energy development, including awareness raising, support to decision making, education, cooperation in science and technology. In this last context, CEI Alternate Secretary General, Giorgio Rosso Cicogna made a presentation on Next Generation Biofuels as an option for a long term strategy in ecofriendly renewable energy.  

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