On 3-4 February, about 40 participants attended the First SEETAC Ministerial Conference in  Bucharest (Ramada Parc Hotel).

The gathering, hosted by Mr Constantin Dascălu, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania, was jointly organised by the CEI in its capacity as  Lead Partner of the Project and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania. High-level representatives from Albania, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia took part in the Conference, covering almost all representatives of the participating countries of the SEETAC Project. Each country presented the current state - of – the - art in terms of country priorities, shared information on financing needs and opportunities as well as expectations vis-à-vis the SEETAC Project. It was an opportunity to present and discuss transport issues at  high political level and facilitate dialogue among SEETAC participating countries.   SEETAC is a Project under the South East Europe Cooperation Programme, co-financed by the European Union. For more information: www.seetac.eu   programme list of participants   The next SEETAC Ministerial Conference is foreseen to be held in Tirana at the end of 2010 as announced by the Vice-Minister of Transport of Albania, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto.