On 8-9 November 2010, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics organised in Trieste a conference entitled “ICTP after 45; Science and Development for a Changing World”.

Over 100 scientists worldwide attended the conference including Nobel prize winner David Gross (Physics Nobel Laureate - 2004).   CEI Alternate Secretary General, Mr. Giorgio Rosso Cicogna took part in the session on “CEE and the Balkans”, illustrating the CEI activities in the field of science and technology in the region with emphasis on innovation for a competitive development of the member countries. More specifically, the role of the CEI as broker between the existing funding possibilities and the expectations and requirements of the scientific communities in view of launching a few strategic projects were taken into consideration.   As an example, a regional interdisciplinary and integrated project in the field of Next Generation Biofuels was mentioned as a possibility in which the scientific communities of the CEI Member States could help to support the development perspective of their countries.
  ICTP which operates under the aegis of UNESCO and of the IAEA; it is also a member of the CEI Science and Technology Network of institutions of excellence, international by statue or by vocation, based in Trieste.

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