The CEI and the Council of Europe have jointly promoted a project linked to culture, tourism and the environment sector, part-financed by KEP AUSTRIA: The training for trainers “Sustainable Wine Tourism” was organised in Belgrade on 19-26 September 2010 and hosted by National Tourism Organisation of Serbia.

The know-how exchange programme gathered around 40 participants from 9 CEI countries, as well as from Sothern Caucasus and Turkey, (the event was part of the Kyiv Initiative Regional Programme of the Council of Europe).   Sessions on alternative tourism* organised with international experts, paid special attention to wine cultural tourism. The development of wine cultural tourism implies small scale sustainable development and engagement of local populations as developers, managers and beneficiaries or tourism exchange. This kind of tourism could contribute to the inclusion of local authorities, cultural sectors and local populations and assist in the organisation of effective local tourism policy, strategy and practice.   As a follow-up activity, a number of experts will draft policy briefs on approaches to Alternative Tourism. These will serve as guidelines for governments and tourism agencies to develop regional policies for an effective development of sustainable alternative tourism.    for more information:  

*Alternative tourism is generally defined in opposition to ‘mass tourism’ or tourism as consumption

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