The project Accessibility and Development for the Re-launch of the Inner Adriatic Area (ADRIA A), funded under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy – Slovenia 2007-2013, aims at contributing to the accessibility and transport reorganisation in the entire cross-border area, in order to form a unique integrated Italian – Slovene metropolitan transport area.

The overall objective is to define the missing links in the Italian and Slovene railway infrastructural network to guarantee a common transport model for the whole territory, which is nowadays fragmented and not properly exploited by its inhabitants.

The project will actively involve four competent national ministries (Italian and Slovene Ministries of transport and environment), local administration authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities) and the main passenger traffic generators (ports and airports) that will contribute to the cohesion and the socio-economical development of the entire area. The project also aims at the sustainable territorial integration by fostering modal re-balance policies that are sensitive to the environmental impact.

The project foresees the creation of an EGTC (European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation) that will ensure cooperation in territorial and transport planning even after the conclusion of the project.

The CEI participates in ADRIA A as Lead Partner.
The project runs from 1 January 2010 to 31 October 2014.

Project Partners