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Conservatives win in Greece, leaving Syriza behind

(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUN 10 - With 97% of polling stations counted in Greece, the conservatives of Nea Dimokratia are at 28.04% and will elect 7 MEPs. Syriza, the main opposition force, has 14.94% (with four MEPs). Pasok has 12.85% support and three EU Parliament representatives, while Ellinikì lisi ('Greek Solution') has 9.43% and two MEPs. The communists of the KKE receive 9.28 and elect two representatives to Strasbourg. Even the ultra-Orthodox party Niki ('Victory in Greek') receives 4.40% of the vote, as does the populist party Plefsi eleftherias ('Route of Freedom'), which receives 3.41%. (ANSA).