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Tajani, us in the Balkans to reduce migratory pressure

(ANSA) - UDINE, 25 MAR - "Our government has brought to the center of the European political debate the migration issue, which affects the Mediterranean corridor, but also the Balkan corridor, and all our action and strong presence in the Balkans aims to give stability to that region and those close to Italy, reducing migratory pressure." Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this on the sidelines of an election meeting. "In recent days," he continued, "I was in Serbia and appreciated President Vucic's commitment to cooperating with us to defend European borders. We found as much sensitivity in Croatia and Slovenia, there is also solidarity and readiness in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a common effort to address the migration issue, and Austria is included. The bordering country is concerned about the flows through the Balkans. We do not underestimate the situation in the Fvg region," Tajani added, "which represents a priority, along with Sicily in southern Italy." (ANSA).